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June 2018

From June 2018 Peter Hughes started to dep on bass covering for Gaz who unfortunately started to have personal life clashes which meant he was unable to commit to live work. Towards the end of 2018 Gaz had to make the difficult decision to step down as permanent bass player and handed the baton over to our Pete.

So, please welcome Pete (Peter Hughes) as our new Bass player going forward.

January 2017

2017 - Bang on the Ear turn 21 !

Yes! ...21 years of Banging Ears!!

March 2015

Please welcome our new Bass player... Gary Jones.

Gaz stepped in to replace long serving member Bruce, and was properly thrown in at the deep end by joining just as the band were diving in to the annual St Patrick's Day shenanigans for 2015 . Gary did a sterling job and I'm pleased to say that he didn't seem put off at all !!

Please make Gary welcome if you see us out and about at a venue near you!

Gaz is a consumate professional and comes from a prestigious background of performing Soul with various bands throughout the UK for many years.

Gary also performs with Acoustic Giants and the Dave Tickle Band.

So there we are, a new line up and Gaz has fitted in so well it already feels like he's been with us for years!

Gaz also has a plethora of other talents, but you'll just have to catch up with us out on the road to find out what 

they are!...

Gaz is looking forward to meeting the fans soon...

January 2015

Bang on the Ear are sad to announce the retirement of our long serving bass player, Bruce.

Bruce joined the band in 1997 and has been instrumental in driving the success of BotE on the local circuit.

Along with being an extraordinarily talented bass player and all round class musician, Bruce also sang some lead vocals along with backing vocals and added many unique textures to the overall sound of the band. Bruce will be sadly missed to the long standing line up of nearly 20 years. Bruce's last gig with Bang on the Ear was Saturday 3rd January 2015.

Bang on the Ear would like to thank Bruce for his commitment and dedication over the years, and wish him all the best in his retirement.

June 2014

Jez has recently joined IO Earth, an established Progressive and Symphonic Rock band from Birmingham ( but fear not BotE family, this is NOT the end of Bang on the Ear! Just another chapter for Jez as he moves forward playing Violin and Guitar on IO Earth's upcoming third studio album, 'New World', and he will be appearing with IO Earth live on all worldwide concerts. Jez's first live appearance with IO Earth will be at the Veruno Prog Festival in Milan, Italy on September 7th 2014.

May 2014


16/07/2014 ~ by Martin Kielty

Violinist and guitarist lines up beside fresh drummer CJ for New World album and tour

IOEarth have introduced two new members of their lineup, describing violinist and rhythm guitarist Jez King as a "secret weapon" and drummer CJ Jerromes as a "kick-ass" performer.

The latest additions will appear on upcoming album New World and they'll also take part in their subsequent tour dates.

King, a fan of Yes, Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd and Dream Theater says the opportunity is a "lifelong dream come true" and adds: "I've been a jobbing musician for over 25 years, but to work with the talents of Dave Cureton and Adam Gough is just mind-blowing."

Cureton adds: "Adding a violin to the band has given us a whole new layer of sound to work with at gigs. Rehearsals have been incredible, opening up ideas for old and new songs alike."

Gough comments: "Jez helps showcase some of the more subtle aspects of our music. IOEarth have yet another secret weapon."

Jerromes, whose background is in metal, says: "Everyone in the band is so easy to get on with, and earning new material has been awesome too. I can't wait to get out there and smash it!"

Gough vows of the 23-year-old: "He's going to kick your ass live."

New World, the band's third album, is their first with vocalist Linda Odinsen after Claire Malin bowed out last year. They'll appear at the Veruno Prog Festival in Italy on September 7.

Feb 2014

Jez recently had the pleasure of being interviewed for iCov by Ruben Gomes for an online feature on the band while playing at Carey's in Coventry. The video footage with audio interview is on here but to see the article fully;

Bang On The Ear: two decades of Celtic folk rock

February 7, 2014 | Filed under: Music,uncatagorised | Posted by: Journo16

By Ruben Gomes

Over the last two decades, the West Midlands has been home to Irish Contemporary Folk Rock Band, Bang on the Ear.

The band was named after the 1988 Waterboys song of the same name, with “bang on the ear” being a phrase of Celtic origin, meaning “a pat on the ear”.

Following the band’s official formation in 1996, their career has gradually progressed. They have performed approximately 2,500 to 3,000 gigs at a variety of events, such as weddings, birthday parties, professional functions and festivals.

The band has also released two studio albums: Sail Away (1998), and Live at the Fiddle & Bone (2001).

Bang on the Ear has performed a range of different genres, ranging from rock ‘n’ roll to blues music; from traditional Irish folk songs to more contemporary Irish rock music, such as U2 and Van Morrison.

The group’s musical playlist varies between self-penned songs which are themed, such as their song Braveheart, which is directly related to the film of the same name, to the work of other musicians which they admire. The work of Lennon-McCartney is a firm favourite within the band.

Such songs are performed as part of their set lists, with the band priding themselves on their up-tempo style, which is likeable, and a fun experience for all ages.

I had the pleasure of watching Bang on the Ear play live at Carey’s bar in Coventry, and was able to experience for myself the foot-stomping music the band performed. Please click on the link below to watch them play live and hear the full interview with band member Jez King. /

you can also find them on Facebook

Subedited by: Catherine Gothorp